About Us

For over 25 years, we have built a relationship with the Chicagoland area as the maintenance company willing to go the extra mile and take the extra step for your property.

Exceptional Service

Family owned and operated, DeMar takes pride in delivering exceptional service to its long-lasting clients. We provide building cleaning services covering millions of square feet for properties of every kind and clients across all industries.

When you choose DeMar, you will be getting a great service from a knowledgeable, well-trained staff that is always ready to help. We have the experience and
attention to detail required to make sure your property looks spotless every day.

First Impressions Matter

We understand that first impressions matter, employee moral matters, and that a clean and well-maintained work environment can positively impact a business. That's why we aim to exceed our client's expectations.

Today businesses seem increasingly indifferent to client service and client satisfaction. But at DeMar, we are bucking this trend. We listen to our clients, think critically about their problems, and provide practical solutions.